General Building Modifications

If you want to keep costs down, it's important to use a Bathroom Specialist, like EDS Solutions, who have both experience and an ability to think around problems. EDS Solutions will keep your project on track and within budget where feasible.

It can be difficult to imagine different configurations for your new bathroom renovation project. EDS Solutions are experienced in general building services and we can help you decide the best layout for your requirements:

  • Do you knock down existing walls to extend the size of your bathroom?
  • Do the bathroom fittings need to be shuffled around to make better use of your space?
  • Are you creating an ensuite bathroom in part of a bedroom and need walls and doors removed or moved?

Whatever you decide EDS Solutions can help you realise your dream bathroom within budget.

EDS Solutions offers a FREE home visit and no obligation quotation. Estimates can also be given over the phone or by email. No job is too big or too small  – EDS Solutions will be happy to help.


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